About us

Repol Ltd. was established as a company for clean polymeric and industrial waste care and treatment.
The waste is being defined as packaging waste, the one generated during pallet unpacking, as well as production one which has been generated in processing industries.
The founders of REPOL are technologically educated people, who has been working/and are still working in polymer processing industry, including recycling industry as well as in recycling and polymer processing equipment sales business…  
…this brought to materials, technologies knowledge accumulation, on well-known markets with financial stability. This financial stability since the beginning has been supported by the founders. That is the reason why REPOL started the production with full capacities engaged. Without the former several decades experience, the REPOL would not be that what it stands for, nor would it have sustainable future.
We are dedicated to our customer needs and the ways to find the optimal request fulfilment. The final solution is reflection of our life-time experience and education…
Current state
For us is the regulation of environmental protection sector, which Serbia, has to apply in the near future., of the essential value.
This process, related to the EU regulation 94/62/EC which regulates packaging and its waste and on which bases the Serbian Packaging and Packaging Waste Treatment Law
was constituted, enables creation of sustainable packaging waste recycling system. This system prescribes concrete activities, such as:
Packaging waste generation, Collecting and waste selection, Polymeric waste washing and recycling, Burning.    
Also, the national goals in organised packaging waste managing were set.
 General goals
   2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
 Re using  [%]  5,0  10,0  16,0  23,0  30,0
 Recycling  [%]  4,0  8,0  13,0  19,0  25,0
 Specific recycling goals
   2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
 paper/cardboard  [%]  0,0  0,0  14,0  23,0  28,0
 plastic  [%]  0,0  0,0  7,5  9,0  10,5
 glass  [%]  0,0  0,0  7,0  10,0  15,0
 metal  [%]  0,0  0,0  9,5  13,5  18,5
 wood  [%]  0,0  0,0  2,0  4,5  7,0
EU Commission has on 2. July 2014. accepted suggestions, which will turn Europe in circular economy, and stimulate the recycling in the EU member-states.  

EU has set up the ambitious goals in recycling business development, which will provide new jobs and economical development. New goals predict:
•    70% communal waste must be recycled or prepared for re-use until year 2030.
•    80% packaging waste must be recycled or prepared for re-use until year 2030.
(90% for paper and 60% for plastics until 2025., 80% for wood, 90% for metal, aluminium and glass until year 2030.)
•    Gradual elimination of depositing until 2025. for recyclable waste (plastics, paper, metal, glass and organic waste.)
Growth and Development
We want to be the part of that process which is actual in the Europe;
material re-use, efficient recycling with minimal resource use, high-end processing technology which will create added value, negative environment influence neglecting…
…those are our core commitments.