Technical consulting
During regranulate production the main impact on its quality is the sort and quality of the industrial waste which is being used.
This influences directly on the processing technology and the application where the regranulate is being used as a substitute to the virgin material.
We know processing technologies, we have contacts with best laboratories, faculties, institutes… in order to get the best possible results during collaboration with our customers-partners in the developing, technical and designing phases. The goal is to gain optimal regranulate in the price quality ratio relation.
Working together allows us to have trials of our materials at the customer premisses, in order to define standardised product which we would deliver later on, on the regular basis.
Logistics and Warehousing
We arrange, together with our partners, just-in-time-delivery for our regranulates.
Our material is packed in the big bags in defined volumes and dimensions, and packed in the PE bags.

We constantly and continuously follow deliveries of our materials.
Our readiness, to find the most suitable solution for any kind of problems, is part of our strength and dedication which our company offers to our partners.