Strategic concept

Good IS NOT Sufficient any more
Weare ready to produce Regranulate for adequate application. That is our essential business; our experience, knowledge and dedication remain at your disposal. We comprehend challenge in its broader perspective. Through our customer’s partnership we come to complete solutions.
New standard / Material selection
We take over the responsibility
We do believe our regranulate has vital significance for our clients and it could have long-term impact on their businesses. We set new, high standards in everything we do through our responsibility; for our customers, for us and our environment!
Good solution identification
We see the possibility
We take in consideration production equipment and technology, product’s life-time and application, NOT ONLY our regranulate application. In this manner we can identify space for improvement, what others might have missed. Our analysis and comprehension, our experience and knowledge
bring us to the ideas for optimisation.
Optimisation through dialogues
Our personal contribution to innovation and business development
If we get involved in the process from the very beginning, than we can identify the possibilities that might have been otherwise missed. We ask questions, apply our innovative skills and use unique databases related to specific requests and applications. We have started the process involved together with our partners. Related to this we come to the shared vision for solution.
Repol ltd. has grown into knowledge-based innovative company. Company based on solutions and regranulate application.
Growth is not only business figure.It is growth of possibilities, mentality change, way-of-thinging- change. For our customers, partners, our employees and our business.
Our main Focus is directed on customer’s interest and need comprehension.
Value for money
Repol ltd. is strategic partner in regranulate development and supplying. We believe good solution is vital interest and impact long-termly on the business. By fighting with overall customer’s costs we do deliver value Value for money.
We would like to get to be recognised as a desired partner by our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we must constantly change our activities. Our goal is to position ourselves in our customer’s minds, not only as wanted supplier, but also as someone who has advisory role:
someone who helps the customer to find and apply optimal solutions.
We grow with our changes, we strengthen ourselves and broaden our comfort-zone. The feeling of satisfaction, for achieving goals together as a team and for exceeding our expectation, is indescribable. This applies to our company, our employees and our partners.