We are searching for

We constantly search for clean industrial polymeric waste sources; packaging and production waste.
We are ready to support any kind of colaboration and support our partner’s quality improvement activities.
We are intereseted in clean polymeric waste materials which are being generated during production or packaging process. All acquired in following technologies: injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding...
We are also interested in pure packaging materials – pallet unwrapped foils sourced by:
- Strech-hood-foil or thermo-shrink foil in hose
- Cast-strech-foil
- Pallet unwrapped foil; LDPE, foamed PE, bubble PE, HDPE foils, etc.
We can define draft Contract for waste collection, in order to set up our long-term colaboration.
We, and our partner companies, have been registered for; collection, transportation and treatment of the waste in accordance with serbian waste regulation legislation.
We will send you our integral permission excerpt of non-hazardouswaste collection, transport, warehousing and treatment. Accompanied by waste-movement-form, needed to be filled in by waste generator (producer) and by waste processor. This document, signed and stamped, is being sent back to the waste generator.
In this manner you do comply with your legal obligation.
For companies which generate adequate production waste quantity, we can provide our regranulating service. Our regranulate can largely substitute virgin material.